Papiermühle Elefantenberg


Designed was the corporate design for the fictional paper mill called Papiermühle Elefantenberg. The name translates to paper-mill elephant-mountain which has its history in the beginning of paper production. The mill is a very old paper mill, but nowadays runs as ideological example. People can take tours where a guide explains the paper making process, but ultimately whats now produced by the mill are not regular papers. Papiermühle Elefantenberg specialized in producing papers made from anything other than wood fibres as a means of showing that it’s possible to find more sustainable alternatives. On top of that every type of paper here has its very own character through its unique properties.

There are two main categories of paper that are offered: Daidalos papers are the rougher and more colourful papers that can be greatly used for arts and crafts, whereas the Paragon papers made for office use.

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