About Me

Final_DSC_0103_333widthI am a recent communication design graduate, who has completed degrees from both Canada and Germany.

Challenges intrigue me. So does the immense impact good design can have.
That is what drives me, to create the work that I do.

“Nothing is impossible,
until you have tried if it is possible,
and then tried some more.”

As cliché as that sounds, this is something I found to be working for me and I try to live by it.
When applying this mentality to my work, that often means scrapping several ideas and combining others until I have reached a solution I am confident with.

While I do have an interest in many different areas of design, I specialize in corporate design, packaging and editorial design.

Besides working as a designer my passions are traveling, art and photography.

About the blog:

This is my first attempt at writing a blog and it is mainly a learning-by-doing project of mine.
Most entries under the travel section are posted from wherever I am at that time. I want to experience every place I visit as authentic as possible. Therefore I travel on minimal luggage and I don’t take a laptop with me. That means I will not be able to upload pictures from my camera. Instead the pictures I take with my phone will have to do the job for the while being.

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