About Me


My Career

Starting my career with communication design degrees from both Vancouver, Canada and Hamburg, Germany, I have since had the chance to work with a multitude of amazing clients.
I am known for getting super enthusiastic about all kinds of projects, making things possible and constantly developing my own portfolio.
With a focus on strong concepts, user oriented design and a variety of personal projects, I have worked on a big variety of things. From trade fair booths of over 600 m², creating brand specific image-worlds, developing interactive brand workshops for client employees and agencies to designing my own board game and anything in between.
I believe that we are all full of ideas that ware waiting to come to life and I am happy to help with your project.

What can I provide?

Besides the visual work, I provide consulting and workshops for developing your own brand. With a large network of people that I work with I can provide an array of specialized services, such as large format print production, 2D and 3D animation, translation services, social media and web development. As project manager I coordinate between all involved parties, keep an eye on your budget and schedule, keeping the things you have to worry about to a minimum.

Things that are important to me

Looking towards the future, I believe that sustainable design will become increasingly important. That is why I put an effort into developing solutions that can be reused, repurposed or otherwise provide long term benefits.

When I am not working, I am likely to spend my time volunteering for a organisation that utlizes experiential learning for peace education and personal growth in youth from all over the world. Feel free to check out their website.

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